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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4 January 2012. Some People Hate Robert Lentz… Here’s a CREATIVE Rebuttal



There are many ignorant voices in the Orthodox blogosphere taking cheap shots at Robert Lentz. Sure… some of his topics aren’t the wisest (indeed, with some, you wonder what he was smokin’). Some are spot on, like his St Ysidro, Christ of Maryknoll, or the Virgin of the Disappeared. Others, only need the magic of PhotoShop to have new life as primo-level posters. The above two images show that the basic Lentz imagery isn’t wrong at all… in fact, he does BETTER than most of his critics do. If you’ve seen the dreck written by gasbags like the “Young Fogey”, you know what I’m talking about. I’m getting TIRED of ignorant pot shots from the peanut gallery. So are you, no doubt… just remember, get out and vote this November, I do daresay that reasonable people are still the majority in this country…

If you don’t like something, either offer a workable alternative, or shut up… that’s the way it is…


Robert Lentz. Christ of Maryknoll. 2002

Christ of Maryknoll

Robert Lentz



I’ve noticed that the rightwing slimers truly dislike this painting by Robert Lentz intensely, they attack it unmercifully, claiming that it’s “political”… I’d say that Mr Lentz accurately portrays what the rightwing poseurs do to Our Lord Christ. They torture, bomb, burn, and murder in His Name… I kid you not. Such people are Satan‘s Loyal Retainers and Servants, and I say such openly. You can worship Christ or you can espouse the policies of the Republican rightwing… you can’t do both at once. Think about it…


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