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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Unknown Artist. Archangel St Gabriel. Russian. undated

Archangel St Gabriel

Unknown artist



Unknown Artist. Soldier-Martyr Yevgeni Rodionov. Russian. 2000s

Soldier-Martyr Yevgeni Rodionov

Unknown artist



Unknown Artist. St Peter the Apostle. St Catherine Monastery. Mount Sinai EGYPT. early 7th century

St Peter the Apostle

Unknown artist

early 7th century

St Catherine Monastery

Mount Sinai (South Sinai Governorate) EGYPT 

Unknown Artist. St Ambrose of Milan. Cappella Palatina. Palazzo dei Normanni a Palermo. Palermo ITALY (Sicily). circa 1140

St Ambrose of Milan

Unknown Artist

circa 1140

Cappella Palatina. Palazzo dei Normanni a Palermo

Palermo (Province of Palermo. Sicilia Autonomous Region) ITALY

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